Hey y’all!  We actually have TONS of content already written that we can’t wait for you to enjoy 🙂  We were first so focused on getting Ramona restored that we hadn’t had extra time to post, and now with traveling full time, well.. we just haven’t made it a priority yet!  😉  But come back often as we are getting caught up, and follow our Instagram to see our adventures in real-time!

Subway in New York City in black and white 35mm film

A day in New York City

I’ve never really had a desire to go to New York City. Tom was born in NY, so I figured this day would come eventually but I’ve never been excited about it. I’ve been overwhelmed

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Abe's Amish Buggy Rides

Amish Country-Lancaster PA

I’ve had this week on my travel bucket list since we began this adventure. My ancestral roots began here. In the 1600’s my family, who were Mennonites came to America with William Penn to escape

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walking in the rain at Smithsonian Castle Washington DC

DC-Day 2-All the Museums

On our second day in the city, with rain on the forecast and a checkmark on the box for visiting monuments, we focused on the Museums and inside activities. Did you know that all the

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Boy fishing at free campsite in New Bern

New Bern – North Carolina

I sound like a broken record when I say this: I love all the old places. North Carolina is great because it has cool old cities but they aren’t big like Boston or New York;

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Old brick road in Wilmington North Carolina

Wilmington North Carolina

I love old places and old things. The West Coast lacks old cities, so I’ve been excited about this aspect of the East Coast. Wilmington, North Carolina is one of my top favorite old cities

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floodplain Congaree National Park

Aiken, South Carolina

We really liked Aiken. We entered the town as the sun was setting, the light was golden, and everything was beautiful. We were surrounded by cotton fields and instantly felt the peace and calm that

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Family bike ride in Greenville

Greenville, South Carolina

Part of our traveling adventure is to keep our minds and hearts open to where we may want to settle down after our chapter of travel life. Our next step is a place we will

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hiker kid in the smoky mountains in the fall

The Great Smoky Mountains

The Great Smoky Mountains We found the perfect camp spot with our own little beach on Lake Santeelah (Update: a year after first journaling this, it is still one of our favorite sites). I can’t

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