First Stop: Colorado

geese flying st vrain river colorado

In my last blog, I said we were done. Of course, we weren’t actually done… Are we ever done? We were done enough to live in the Airstream and we were mentally and emotionally done with having not left Phoenix yet. So we started our journey to Colorado where we could knock out another week of work in our friend’s driveway.

We like to be honest people, but sometimes little fibs make fun surprises. We lied to our friends we were staying with and told them to expect us at their house Sunday afternoon. We snuck into “camp” in the parking lot of our home church late Saturday night so that our church family would arrive Sunday morning to find a happy silver shiny trailer. It was so fun to drink our morning coffee as people arrived so surprised and excited to see us.

We had moved from Colorado 9 months prior, towing the airstream full of moving boxes with hundreds of hours of work done on the trailer, but still an empty shell with not much but a new subfloor. So it was a lot of fun to show off our efforts to all of our friends.

We spent the week finishing our heater vents (“furnace ducts”, Tom says) and a few other miscellaneous things while visiting with friends and still feeling the high of starting our new life. We had some lovely days enjoying the end of summer, my favorite time in Colorado.

In my years living in CO I had a favorite park in Lyons where we had many birthdays and happy memories. It’s a lovely park with a little river under a bluff and the most adorable playground for the kids. They have a camping area and I had always commented how cool it would be to camp there. So naturally, it was the perfect location for a welcome home/goodbye party with our friends. We had a lovely potluck get together and filled our hearts with good hugs from people we love and good  wishes for happy travels, then we were off again.

Where we Stayed:

Lavern M. Johnson park in Lyons is a wonderful park. It has a whimsical playground for kids with a zipline and a water feature in the summertime. There are picnic tables, fields for games and barbecues. The park is nestled under a bluff beside a river that is cool and refreshing to wade in or tube when the weather is right. It’s really a wonderful park. That said, the RV camp area is not the best as far as RV parks go. The spots are tight and there isn’t much room to spread out. It feels more like a glorified parking spot than a campsite. There are bathrooms and quarter showers that are clean. So, I’d 100% recommend this spot if your goal is a social gathering or to spend time at the park or in Lyons, but if you’re looking to hang primarily at your trailer, I’d go elsewhere.

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